Markets Served

If your application involves cryogenic temperature measurement, Scientific Instruments, Inc. is here for you.

Aerospace: Temperature probes for cryogenic liquid fuel support systems, liquid level probes, and signal conditioning devices
Aircraft: Aftermarket temperature probes for HVAC and other non-flight-critical systems
Industrial manufacturing: Two-stage temperature probe for LCD panel fabrication
Medical: High magnetic field temperature devices for MRI magnet systems
Research and Superconductivity: Full line of thermometers, temperature monitors, and controllers for your laboratory. All of our instruments are compatible with any of our thermometers and many other industry standard thermometers.
OEM: Scientific Instruments, Inc. works directly with cryopump and probe station manufacturers to supply high volumes of accurate and interchangeable thermometers and instruments for direct systems integration.
Oil & Gas: High-accuracy liquefied natural gas (LNG) and liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) level, temperature, and density (LTD) monitoring systems with rollover prediction and remote interfacing. Raman Gas Analyzer System (RGAS) for on-line, in-situ composition and calorific measurement of LNG.