Model RO-600(1K) – Ruthenium Oxide Temperature Sensor

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The Series RO-600 Ruthenium Oxide Temperature Sensor is a thick film resistors which adhere to a single resistance temperature curve, and have a nominal resistance 1,000 Ohms at ambient temperature.

Model RO-600(1K) – Ruthenium Oxide RTD – RuO Thermometer from Scientific Instruments

The Model RO-600(1K) Ruthenium Oxide RTD Ruthenium Oxide Sensors are thick film resistors which adhere to a single resistance temperature curve, and have a nominal resistance 1,000 Ohms at ambient temperature. The ruthenium oxide temperature sensor offers excellent performance characteristics in magnetic field environments. These sensors exhibit an initial small negative magnetoresistance at temperatures below 250 mK at low fields (less than about 1.5 Tesla). The magnetoresistance then becomes positive at larger fields and increases at lower temperatures. This magnetoresistance is repeatable. For example, a resistance change of 8% induced by an 8 Tesla field at a temperature of 80 mK corresponds to a temperature error of 7 mK.

No orientation dependence of sensor mounting to field direction has been observed. Ruthenium Oxide sensors are available as uncalibrated, grouping, or calibrated units and feature good reproducibility, fast thermal response time and miniature size, all at a reasonable cost.

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RO600 Data Sheet

RO600 Standard Curve


• Excellent Magnetic Field Performance
• Interchangeability
• Repeatability
• Fast Thermal Response
• Rugged
• Temperature Range: .05K to 20K (Custom ranges available, consult factory)

Physical Size

• Gold plated OFHC copper enclosure, Dia. .093″ (2.4mm) x Length .200″ (5.1mm)
• Phosphor-bronze lead wire-standard, 4-Leaded, Polyimide coated, 36 AWG,
Custom Leads Available

Performance in Magnetic Fields

Figure 2 shows the remarkable performance of the RO-600 in high magnetic fields. With a temperature error of less than +-1.6%, a simple linear formula allows correction of any apparent temperature, measured in a field up to 16 Tesla, to the actual temperature. This result may extend to higher fields, and is useful for a broad temperature range down to 36mK. It is independent of the orientation of the sensor in the magnetic field.

Since errors in temperature of uncalibrated thermometers, in any magnetic field up to 16 Tesla, accumulate to only a few percent, the RO-600 is exceedingly useful in most low temperature applications, and is versatile enough to use in most low temperature environments.


Besides being remarkable repetitive on successive cooldowns, RO-600 series exhibit uniform response within groups. Figure 3 shows a typical R vs T curve for Grouping Sensors. Resistance variation at a given temperature is less than 1% for temperatures above 70mK.


Figure 4 represents the sensitivity of a typical RO-600. This sensitivity is a smooth and monotonic increase at lower temperatures.


*All data collected and analyzed by G.G. Ihas, L. Frederick, and J.P. McFarland, J. Low Temp. Phy. 113, 963 (1998).

RO-600 Available Models

  • Uncalibrated Accuracy for Group A
  • +/- 0.01K @ .050K+/- 0.010K @ 0.050K
  • +/- 0.10K @ 1.50K+/- 0.060K @ 1.50K
  • +/- 0.20K @ 4.2K+/- 0.100K @ 4.20K
  • +/- 1.00K @ 20K+/- 0.600K @ 20K


  • Calibration Ranges
  • A = 0.050K to 3.20K
  • A1 = 0.050K to 4.20K
  • A2 = 0.050K to 20.0K
  • B = 0.30K to 3.2K
  • B1 = 0.30K to 4.2K
  • B2 = 0.30K to 20K
  • D = 1.50K to 20K
  • H = 4.20K to 20K
  • * Data is subject to changes as a result of product improvement.

Calibration Accuracy

  • Calibration Accuracy
  • 0.050K to 0.15K = +/- 0.005K
  • 0.150K to 1.50K = +/- 0.010K
  • 1.500K to 4.2K = +/- 0.025K
  • 4.200K to 20K = +/- 0.050K
  • *Custom calibrations available, consult factory

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