Cryogenic Temperature Sensor

Scientific Instruments’ Cryogenic Temperature Sensor

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Scientific Instruments Cryogenic Temperature Sensor Ordering Guidelines

Models P1/P2/P3 – Platinum Resistance Thermometer

Platinum Resistance Thermometers (RTD'S) provide stable output over the range from 60K to 400K.

Model Si-435 – Silicon Diode Temperature Sensors

Si435 Silicon Diode Temperature Sensors from Scientific Instruments offer the industry’s highest accuracy in an interchangeable diode temperature sensor. The new CAP package is the smallest encapsulated diode mount on the market while the SMD package offers the utility of a compact surface mount.

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Model Si-410 – Silicon Diode Temperature Sensors

The Scientific Instruments Model Si-410 Silicon Diode Temperature Sensors and our cryostat temperature sensor operate over a wide temperature range and are miniature in size.

Model RO-600(1K) – Ruthenium Oxide RTD

The Series RO-600 Ruthenium Oxide Sensors are thick film resistors which adhere to a single resistance temperature curve, and have a nominal resistance 1,000 Ohms at ambient temperature.

Model RO-105(100K) – Ruthenium Oxide RTD

The Series RO-105 Ruthenium Oxide Sensors are thick-film resistors which adhere to a single resistanceversus-temperature curve.