The William E. Gifford Award is named in honor of Mr. Gifford, co-inventor of the Gifford-McMahon cycle cryocooler and founder of Cryomech, Inc. This award is given to a recipient in academia or a government laboratory using a pulse tube or Gifford-McMahon cycle cryocooler as a key research component.

The Awards Committee reviews nominees from the membership and makes recommendations to the CSA Board of Directors, which makes the final selections. A majority vote of the committee shall be required for recommendation to the CSA Board.

The award recipient will receive a plaque and a monetary stipend of $2,000.

The award is presented biannually during the CEC conference.

Nomination packages must be received by the CSA executive director no later than May 31, 2019.

The package must contain:

Three letters of recommendation, preferably written by CSA members. The letters of recommendation must come from persons outside of the candidate’s institution. The persons writing the letters must have personal knowledge of the nominee’s qualifications and experience. These letters should briefly outline the nominee’s qualifications, explain why the Gifford Award should be conferred, and must attest to the nominee’s professional integrity and character.

Read about the selection criteria for the William E. Gifford Award here.