Markets Served

If your application involves cryogenic temperature measurement, Scientific Instruments, Inc. is here for you.

Scientific Instruments, Inc. has been working with its customers across diverse industries to provide superior quality products and solutions for cryogenic temperature measurement and control. We also work with our industry partners, extending our capabilities to a wide range of measurement facilities. If we don’t have something “off-the-shelf” to satisfy your requirements, we will work with you to develop the solution you need to realize the full potential of your application.

Aerospace: Temperature probes for cryogenic liquid fuel support systems, liquid level probes, and signal conditioning devices
Aircraft: Aftermarket temperature probes for HVAC and other non-flight-critical systems
Industrial manufacturing: Two-stage temperature probe for LCD panel fabrication
Medical: High magnetic field temperature devices for MRI magnet systems
Research and Superconductivity: Full line of thermometers, temperature monitors, and controllers for your laboratory. All of our instruments are compatible with any of our thermometers and many other industry standard thermometers.
OEM: Scientific Instruments, Inc. works directly with cryopump and probe station manufacturers to supply high volumes of accurate and interchangeable thermometers and instruments for direct systems integration.
Oil & Gas: High-accuracy liquefied natural gas (LNG) and liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) level, temperature, and density (LTD) monitoring systems with rollover prediction and remote interfacing. Raman Gas Analyzer System (RGAS) for on-line, in-situ composition and calorific measurement of LNG.

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