Aircraft Temperature Probes

Aircraft Temperature Probes from Scientific Instruments

Since the 1970’s, Scientific Instruments (SI) has been the manufacturer of temperature related propulsion thermometry aircraft PMA parts. These products support aircraft ranging from the DC-9 and MD-88 to Airbus 330/340. Please click below for more information or email us for immediate follow through.

Other product areas include temperature indicators and controllers, LOX thermometers, petrochemical tank gauging systems for liquid natural gas (LNG) Storage tanks, LNG composition analyzer systems and aircraft temperature probes which are used on all Boeing and Airbus aircraft. Learn more about the liquid propulsion temperature sensors today.

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Scientific Instruments Aircraft Temperature Probes Ordering Guidelines

Aircraft Temperature Probes

Scientific Instruments is the manufacture of many different temperature related commercial aircraft parts. Click here for more information on available probes, CrossReference

Scientific Instruments is the proven leader in cryogenic temperature probe design and the Aircraft Temperature Probes. Scientific Instruments was the sole source for ground support temperature transducers for the entire life of Space Shuttle Program. This trend continues today through the manufacture of several NASA designed probes along with our support of the private space community commercial crew programs.

Scientific Instruments offers a variety of temperature probes that allow mounting in hazardous environments. These units are constructed of stainless steel, are hermetically sealed, and the sensing element is mounted in a temperature resistant epoxy at the tip. The probes are designed for direct immersion or thermowell applications.

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