Cryogenic Temperature Multi-Channel Monitor Model 9302/9304/9308

Cryogenic Temperature Multi-Channel Monitor Model 9302/9304/9308 has two, four, or eight input channels with ethernet connectivity. These models are the most flexible and accurate temperature monitors currently available. Virtually any cryogenic temperature sensor from any manufacturer can be selected by a single setting of the front panel. Additional custom or specially calibrated sensors require only a simple setup procedure. In addition to its high accuracy/performance and low noise design, unique features include: Constant voltage AC sensor excitation internal data logging, ethernet connectivity, large easy to read display and extensive utility software.

Multi-Channel Temperature Monitors 9302/9304/9308 Features:

  • Two to Eight Input Channels with Ethernet Connectivity
  • Supports silicon diodes, Platinum RTD and most cryogenic NTC temperature sensors. Dual thermocouple inputs are optional.
  • Operation from 1.0K to over 1500K with an appropriate sensor. Constant-Voltage, AC excitation of resistive sensors minimizes errors and extends their useful temperature range.
  • Continuous data logging into internal, Non-Volatile memory.
  • Two large, dry-contact relay outputs.
  • Flexible input power: Power-Over-Ethernet or 7.5-24V AC/DC.
  • Built-in web server. Temperature monitoring and instrument configuration can be performed using any web browser.
  • Remote interfaces include 100/10 Ethernet and RS-232. USB 2.0 and IEEE-488.2 (GPIB) are optional. LabVIEW™ drivers available for all interfaces.