Scientific Instruments Cryogenic Temperature Management and Development

Scientific Instruments Collaboration | Cryogenic Temperature Instruments50 Years of Scientific Instruments CollaborationScientific Instruments, Inc. has been working with its customers across diverse industries to provide superior quality products and solutions for cryogenic temperature measurement and control. We also work with our industry partners, extending our capabilities to a wide range of measurement facilities. If we don’t have something “off-the-shelf” to satisfy your requirements, we will work with you to develop the solution you need to realize the full potential of your application.

Scientific Instruments Cryogenic Temperature Management Product Development

The initial products developed and manufactured by Scientific Instruments were cryogenic temperature sensors including Germanium Resistance thermometers and Silicon Diodes. These temperature sensing devices created opportunities in the aerospace, industrial and laboratory research industries. Of particular note is the fact that SII supplied a number of Germanium Resistance thermometers that were installed into Helium and Hydrogen systems on the Apollo space craft and at the end of the 1960’s flew on lunar landing missions.

The company presently is active in seven distinct product areas, although separate; these products are “synergistic” as they are technologically related to temperature and liquid level measurement and control. With one exception, all product areas supported by Scientific Instruments are related to cryogenic applications, meaning extremely low temperatures, typically in range of 0.05K to 300.0K (-462.0F to +250.0F).

These products include cryogenic temperature sensors, cryogenic temperature instruments (controllers/monitors), liquid natural gas- level, temperature & density gauge (LTD), Raman Spectroscopy (RGAS) for LNG, aerospace temperature probes, aircraft temperature probes, and industrial probes.

The First In-situ Raman Gas Analyzer System (RGAS) from Scientific Instruments with Kaiser Optical Systems