Cryogenic Temperature Instruments


Since 1967, Scientific Instruments has been a leader in cryogenic temperature measurement. To support the myriad of industries that rely on cryogenic processes and environments, Scientific Instruments developed two complementary product lines:

  1. cryogenic temperature sensors and
  2. instrumentation both to measure the cryogenic temperature sensors and to control the temperature of a process environment.

At the time, the newly developed SI temperature monitoring systems that featured a digital read-out display of temperature measurements were a breakthrough for the industry, providing real-time indication of temperature throughout the course of an experiment. Shortly after, a series of cryogenic temperature controllers were added to the SI instrument lineup. The temperature controllers featured a digital display in addition to a full complement of remote-control capabilities, allowing users to control temperature—with unprecedented precision—via a programmable digital PID control loop and an external PC.

Today, Scientific Instruments continues to build on this proven foundation, and designs instruments for the future. Scientific Instruments incorporates new advances in remote communications technologies, integration architectures, and user experience features like the high definition, high contrast touchscreen display available on the newest addition to the SI lineup, the flagship Orion Temperature Controller (coming soon!).


  • Academic research institutions

  • National and international low-temperature laboratories

  • Metrology laboratories

  • Semiconductor/wafer processing

  • Cryogen containment, storage, & transport (LNG, LN2, LHe, LAr, LOx, LH2, etc.)

  • Agriculture

  • Biomedical specimen storage

  • Cryogenic refrigeration equipment

  • High Energy Physics – Particle Accelerators

  • Military – Naval vessel magneto-cloaking (superconducting)

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