Cryogenic Temperature Sensors


Since 1967, Scientific Instruments has been a leader in cryogenic temperature measurement for various applications. The initial product from Scientific Instruments was the world premiere of the Germanium Resistance Thermometer (GRT). The GRT was utilized during the Apollo missions, specifically on the Saturn V rocket and Lunar Extraction Module (LEM).

With the growing cryogenic industry, Scientific Instruments expanded its product line to include several new cryogenic temperature sensor and monitoring devices. These advances include the introduction of the Silicon Diodes in the 1980’s, as well as Ruthenium oxide (RuO) thick film resistors, Platinum Resistance Thermometers (PRT), and thermocouples.


Silicon diodes are known to be a cryogenic temperature industry workhorse due to their wide temperature range of 1.5K to 450K and the many applications they support.

Scientific Instruments recommends the Si540 silicon diodes for most all cryogenic applications — unless there is a magnetic field present. For applications where magnetic fields are present and interchangeability is a factor, such as MRI devices and instrumentation for proton therapy, Scientific Instruments recommends using the Ruthenium oxide, RO600. In specialized environments where there is increased exposure to magnetic fields and radiation like those in quantum computing or fusion reactors, we recommend our Thin Film RTD, Zirnox.

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