Scientific Instruments Single-Channel Model SCM10 Temperature Monitor

The Scientific Instruments, single-channel Model SCM-10 Temperature Monitor provides the accuracy, resolution, and interface features of a benchtop temperature monitor in an easy to use, easily integrated, compact instrument.

Single-Channel Model SCM-10 Cryogenic Temperature Monitor

The Scientific Instruments single-channel Model SCM-10 Temperature Monitor provides the accuracy, resolution and interface features of a bench top temperature monitor in an easy to use, compact and easily integrated instrument. With appropriate sensors, the SCM10 measures temperature from 1.4K to 800K and in difficult sensing conditions, including high vacuum and magnetic fields. SCM10 has two programmable alarms, two relays and a user configurable analog voltage or current output. Serial interface and Ethernet interface are provided for remote operation.A PC-compatible utility software is provided with the SCM10. This graphical user interface provides an easy way to set all instrument parameters and evaluate the performance of the instrument. The SCM10 also has an embedded web server that can be used to connect to the instrument from anywhere within the LAN using an internet browser. The instrument web page shows the current temperature reading and shows the status of all alarms and relays.

Cryogenic Temperature Monitors and Instruments

The SCM10 temperature monitor supports diode and RTD sensors. The cryogenic instrument can be configured for the appropriate sensor type using the front panel or the utility software. Two convenient sensor excitation currents are provided to choose from. The SCM10 provides a 4 –leaded differential measurement for accurate temperature measurements. Measurements are available in temperature units K, ̊C or ̊F , or sensor units V or Ω. The SCM10 has 9 standard sensor curves that are programmed into the instrument from the factory. It also provides room for one 200 point user curve, which may be loaded into the instrument using the utility software. With a serial, Ethernet, and convenient graphical user interface, as well as an ASCII command set and LabVIEW™ drivers, the SCM10 can be used as a stand-alone temperature monitor or can be easily integrated into other systems.

It is a good choice for liquefied gas storage and monitoring, cryopump control, cryo-cooler, and materials science applications, and for applications that require greater accuracy than thermocouples allow.

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sii_pdfIcon Scientific Instruments Single-Channel Model SCM-10 Temperature Monitor Data Sheet


Number of Inputs: 1

Measurement Type: 4‐lead single polarity

Excitation: Constant current, 10μA or 1mA (0.01%) A/D Resolution: 24 bit

Input Accuracy and Measurement Resolution: Sensor Dependent

Measurement Rate: 5 rdg/s

Supported Sensors:

  • DiodesRTDs
  • Silicon, Gallium Arsenide (25K & above)RuO 1kΩ, RuO 100kΩ, Pt 100Ω, Pt 1000Ω, Cernox™, Carbon‐Glass (4K & above)

Standard Curves: Si410, Si430, DT470, DT670, CTI, PT100, PT1000, RO600, RO105

User Curve: One 200‐point user curve in non‐volatile memory

Settings: Sensor Curve

Input Connector: DB15

Front Panel

Display Type: 6 digit LED

Display Units: K, °C, °F, V, Ω

Display Update Rate: 2 rdg/s

Temperature Display Resolution: 0.001° between 0‐99.999°, 0.01° between 100‐999.99°, 0.1° above 1000°

Sensor Units Display Resolution: 100uV (for diode type), Sensor Dependent (for RTD type)

Keys: Menu, ˆ (Up Arrow), ˇ (Down Arrow), Enter

Front Panel Features: View & Edit Configuration Settings, Instrument Reset


Serial Interface:

Format: RS‐232C

Baud Rates: 9600, 19600, 57600, 115200

Functionality: Graphical User Interface, LabView Drivers (Version 8.0)

Connector: DB9


Ethernet Interface:

Format: 10‐BaseT

Speed: 10 Mbps

Functionality: Graphical User Interface, LabView Drivers , Web Based Monitoring Utility

Connector: RJ‐45



Number: 2, High and Low

Settings: High Setpoint, Low Setpoint, Dead band, Latching or Non‐latching, Alarm On/Off

Actuators: Front Panel LEDs, relays



Number: 2

Contacts: Normally Open (NO), Normally Closed (NC), and Common (C)

Contact Rating: 24 VDC at 1 A

Settings: Manually off, manually on, follows alarms

Connector: DB15


Analog Output:

Isolation: Output is not isolated from chassis ground

Update Rate: 2rdg/s


  • VoltageCurrent
  • RANGE:0‐10 V4‐20mA
  • RESOLUTION:0.16 mV0.3 μA
  • ACCURACY:±1.25 mV±2.5 μA
    (short‐circuit protected)


Settings: Scale voltage or current with temperature, native sensor units or natural logarithm of sensor

Connector: DB15


Ambient Temperature Range: 15‐35°C (59‐95 °F) at rated accuracy, 10‐40°C (50‐104°F) at reduced accuracy

Power Requirement: Regulated 9‐24 VDC at 500 mA, Barrel Plug 5.5 mm OD x 2.5 mm ID x 9.9 mm L, Center Positive

Size: 1/8 DIN

Supported OS: Windows 7.0, XP & Vista (32 bit)

Mounting: Panel mount into 91 mm W x 44 mm H (3.6 x 1.7 in) cutout

Weight: 0.45 kg (1 lb)

Approval: CE mark, RoHS compliant

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