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  • SCM10 Single Channel Temperature Monitor

    The SCM10, single channel temperature monitor, is a compact, reliable instrument capable of providing extremely accurate measurements for a variety of applications. The unit supports diode and RTD sensors and it can be configured for the appropriate sensor type using the front panel or the utility software. Two convenient sensor excitation currents are provided to choose from. The SCM10 provides a 4 –leaded differential measurement for accurate temperature measurements. Measurements are available in temperature units K, ̊C or ̊F , or sensor units V or Ω. The SCM10 has 9 standard sensor curves that are programmed into the instrument from the factory. It also provides room for one 200 point user curve, which may be loaded into the instrument using the utility software. With a serial, Ethernet, and convenient graphical user interface, as well as an ASCII command set and LabVIEW™ drivers, the SCM10 can be used as a stand-alone temperature monitor or can be easily integrated into other systems.  
  • Wire

    For needs pertaining to alignment of multiple strands, this parallel-bonded, color-coded construction offers benefits for many applications. When concern for space, weight, and reliability is crucial and consistent capacitance and impedance characteristics are required, these magnet wire outperforms windings using two separate magnet wires. Production users benefit from increased layer winding speeds, tighter windings that deliver more power in less space, reduced labor and handling. Color coding assists in conductor identification and reduces termination errors.
    Phosphor Bronze Alloy
    This alloy is widely used for most types of springs because of its high strength and resistance to corrosion and fatigue. It is also used in switches, relays, contacts, and fasteners.
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